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A Quad-Line kites is to a dual-line kite, what a helicopter is to an airplane. The two extra lines give you total control. Zero to 60 and every where in between, no problem. Hover anywhere (even two inches off the ground!), no problem. Fly backwards, no problem. Take off and land upside-down, no problem. Most fliers can get up to speed in one to two hours. If mechanical things come easily for you, you can probably cut that to well under an hour. If the ultimate in control sounds like fun, give Four-Line flying a try. Though the learning curve is a little steeper, you'll be glad you did. If you need personal help with you kite of any style, please visit our SOLAR-POWERED KITE MOBILE @ the Berkeley Marina's Chaves Park. DUAL-LINE-KITE INFO.

Friday Evenings are FREE lesson nights in the park

  • Prism 5.0 Power Foil in flight.
    $499.00 $446.95 Prism Tensor 5.0 Power Kite
    The Tensor 5.0 is the big daddy of our three Tensor power kites, with the stump-pulling power to get you up and going on snow or in lighter winds where a smaller kite just won’t get it done. It will fly easily in 2mph,...

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