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Stunt Kites, sometimes call Aerobatic, Sport, or Mulit-line Kites put you in the driver's seat. No harder than riding a bike or learning a new video game, most folks will be having fun with their first Stunt Kite in 30 minutes or less. After just a little practice you will be zooming around the sky like a daredevil stunt pilot. Adding a super-long tail makes it way more fun and, get this, it actually makes learning to fly easier! Stunt Kites usually have two or four lines. Two-Liners are easier to learn than Four-Liners. If you need personal help with your kite of any style, please visit our SOLAR-POWERED KITE MOBILE @ the Berkeley Marina's Chaves Park. QUAD-LINE-KITE INFO.

Friday Evenings are FREE lesson nights in the park: 5:00pm - 7:00pm

  • Kymera Red
    $249.95 $225.95 Choose Options Kymera, John Barresi
    Designed by our old friend John Barresi in collaboration with ITW, the Kymera blends old and new school elements to produce both trick and precision ability in a wide wind range. Graceful side slides, jacobs ladders, spin...

  • Spectrum E-3
    $199.95 $189.95 Choose Options Prism E-3 with DVD
    The long-awaited successor to the beloved E2, the E3 continues the tradition as the ultimate package for pilots ready to take the next step into freestyle tricks. While retaining the forgiving yet responsive feel of the E2,...

  • Revolution Indoor Kite
    $229.00 $199.95 Choose Options Revolution Indoor Kite
    Revolution Indoor Kite:When Revolution introduced the "Rev Indoor", it was the first "no-wind" dedicated indoor quad-line kite and pushed the envelope in indoor kite flying with its lightweight sail and stiff graphite frame...

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