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  • The Acrobatx Kite comes in your choice of: Rainbow, Purple, or Blue
    $109.95 $99.95 Choose Options Acrobatx, (Acrobatics)
    Features: Durable carbon frame, flies easily in high or low winds. Fast and quick-turning with moderate to strong pull provides welcome feedback for new pilots. Fold down case makes it an easy travel companion...

  • BKF Custom Micron / Blue Nebula
    $89.95 $69.95 Choose Options BKF Micron Kite, Custom
    Berkeley Custom Micron Kite His teeth are bright in a silly grin. His head swivels endlessly, chasing his darting eyeballs. His arms are still but if you watch his fingertips, they're twitching. He's the pilot of our...

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