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When you say Octopi, we say Octopile!


Latest rumor is that David Gomberg and his GPKI (Gomberg Kite Productions Int.) team, will be joining the Berkeley Kite Wrangler Giant Show Kite Team and other local fliers in an attempt to break the world record for the largest number of Giant Octopus Kites ever flown together anywhere! The Kite Wranglers and GPKI were part to the last two record setting Octipiles, and they are excited to be coming together to set a new record. Joining The Gomberg's team is team member Dale Ray. Dale has assembled an impressive collections giant creature kites and has six giant octopus kite in his stable. With Dale, David (and his wife Susan) and the Berkeley Kite Wranglers and friends coming together, there will easily be enough kites on hand to make a record setting attempt. If the weather conditions cooperate, the old record of 21 kites will be shattered forever.

The Berkeley Kite Festival is considered by many to be the home of the Octopile and massive octopus kite ascensions have been a trademark of the event for many years.  We are excited by the prospect of the record returning Berkeley.

Check back with us soon for an update on SOLO, the World's Largest Octopus Kite's performance details at this year's Berkeley Kite Festival.

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