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Spinning Roto-Box in the store today!


The Amazing Roto-Box is New in Our Store Today!

Spins Like a Barrel of Fun in the Sky:
When you want a bit more action from your single-line kite, look no further than our Roto-Box Spinning Kite. Everyone from toddlers to seniors will be wowed by this kite’s kinetic action. It spins like a barrel and is a barrel of fun! The Roto-Box Kite is imported from our favorite German manufacture. Includes: flying line & deluxe cloth storage bag

  • Spins as it Flies
  • Premium German Quality & Design
  • Magical in the Sky
  • Great Bedroom Decoration
  • Extra Swivels Included with Each Kite

See it here: Roto-Box Kite

Kite Trade Association Member Merchant

American Kitefliers Association Member Merchant