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Plutz 3 Gliding Kite

  • Plutz Glider Kite by Leong Ceewan
  • Plutz Glider Kite by Leong Ceewan

Product Description

Ceewan's Plutz 3 Gliding Kite in stock now!

From Maylasian designer Leong Ceewan, comes the beautiful new Plutz 3 Gliding Kite. It 3 glides gracefully in low-or-no wind like no other kite before it, and is fully tunable for different glide styles.

In the updated Plutz 3 design features a more efficent standoff possition, narrow 4mm hem and a more refined fit and finsh overall. A true canard style kite, you really must see this kite in action to believe it. In 27 years in kitting we have never seen anything like it and if you have even basic single or mulit line low-wind flying skills you will be flying this kite like a pro in no time, and you won't want to put it down.

Inspired by a 90+ year old European Platz Glider, (see History in Tom's notes below) and refined over four years of development from the Plutz 1, Plut 2 and now the New Plutz 3, Leong Ceewan's latest design is an amazing piece of creative enginering and we are excited to be able to bring it to you. 

All our Plutz 3's are made with premium grade Icarex P-31 cloth.

  • Premium Grade Icarex
  • Graceful Indoor Flier
  • Easiest Kite to Fly in its Class
  • Glides Like no Other Kite
  • Five Page Flight & Tuning Manual
  • Only 28 grams
  • Perfect in Low-to-No Winds

While we have long enjoyed playing with the way Barrage style box kites, kites like Mark Rickkets Tetrafoil Glider, and Bill Biggie's air plane kites that will fly as gliders when tossed with the tail (or small end first) across a room, the Plutz 3 takes this gliding ability into a new dimension. A true Canard style aircraft, the smaller wings face forward in tethered and gliding flight. 

The Plutz 3 is very easy to fly and anyone with a bit of single or multi-line low wind experience will have no trouble making the Plutz 3 fly like a dream. Of the many local fliers who have flown it so far, everyone has been amazed a how easy and fun this kite it is to fly. I have been flying a solid black Icarex model and just can't get enough of this special category defying kite. If you enjoy low-wind flying, you are going to have a blast with the Plutz-3.

Plutz (Platz) Glider and Kite History:
Based on the Platz Glider from early aviation history. In the second image below you can see how the designer/pilot would carry his Platz Glider on a bicycle. It is truly amazing how a beautiful piece of avaition history inspired Leong Ceewan to creat his Pluts Glider kite designs. Leong has been perfecting his Plutz designs for over the last 4 years. After finally arriving at what Leong calls the Plutz, it became an instant hit in hit in Southeast Asia. Made of 0.75oz Ripstop Nylon (or lighter Icarex Polly, for premium models) and 3mm carbon tubes this little beauty flies in low and no-wind conditions like no other kite I have ever seen. It is fully adjustable with adjustments to the bow, the bridle and the top wings, making it easy to tune for your personal style of flight. Though earlier versions requited an adjustable weight, the new designs need no added wight system.

Here are some amazing images or the 90+ year old Platz Glider which inspired the Plutz 3's designer
platz-origional-1.jpg   platzgleiter.jpgplatz.jpg

The first video below was shot by Chun Ti (Darril) who was visiting Berkeley from Singapore and brought the Plutz 2 (prior generation model) to show us. Many thanks to you Darril for turning us on to this new kite and for shooting the excellent video which really showcases the grace and ease with which this amazing kite flies. At the end of the video you can hear Berkeley Kite Wrangler John Khan complaining that Darril hadn't brought enough kites for everyone!

After Chun Ti's introduction, It has been a real pleasure getting to know Leong Ceewan via many emails. (Sorry to bother you so much but I can't tell you how much everyone here is enjoying your kite). Our first shipment of Plutz 2's, was sold out before it even got here and now that we have the new Plutz 3 they are going like crazy.

Product Videos

Plutz-2 Found a Home - Windless Flying in Berkeley (03:09)
Here's a video of some "almost" zero wind flying at Caesar Chavez Park in Berkeley Marina, California. Went over, brought a Plutz-2 as a gift to a friend and just by some stroke of luck, there was literally no wind. I was surprised at the reception of this little one among the regulars and the passerbys there. Everyone was just entralled by the visual element and performance of this little glider.Beyond this, there is also some bonus footage towards the end of a custom Revolution Indoor Rev, which I must add, looks delectably delicious as usualLocation:Caesar Chavez ParkBerkeley Marina, CaliforniaKites:Plutz-2Revolution Custom Indoor RevArtiste:Explosions In The Skyhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Explosions_in_the_SkySong:From West TexasDate:22nd January 2011
  • Plutz-2 Found ...
    Here's a video of some "almost" zero wind flying at Caesar Cha...
  • PlutzAssembly.wmv
    Plutz 3 assembly!
  • CK with Orange...
    Co-founder of SG Urban Kiters CK giving a smooth performance f...

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Product Reviews

  1. Love it! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 27th Apr 2012

    Flying this kite in low winds is like being in a great dream.

    Now it looks like I am going to want the Emong and the New Zero G!

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